hello interweb of Downtown Olathe!!! and other Olathe if you're seeing this heeehee, welcme to my wEbsite! call me by Leech por favor, and uhh im not scary. please put your hand in my mouth i wont bite. i wont. i'm currently looking to get a job in the city to do art, and get away from these FEINDISH WORMMSSS *no offence i love the franchise kissy kiss kiss and im whatever you want me to be. i also collect clowns. if you are a clown ,start running because i am fast. take care yesyes.

My Dream? TO BE NINTH FOLD BOOYAAAH, I WILL HAVE SUPER POWERS WITH MY SUPER COOL D20 DICE YEAAAAAAAHH *psst! if uou dont know what a d20 is i will tell you.

MY hobbies that are (not anymore SUPER SECRET: killing, wrecking up people so dangerously they are no longer human anymore, clown collecting, crack calls near the city with a phone i found, drawing, art, being cooler than you, putting on liptstick, looking prettyyyy, talking with my *friend! astricks means im talking about anaconda virtue you sohuold *meat that creature. meat, heeeeeeeheo

My EVIILLLL enemies that i will kill. i will kill them. this LOOOSER named jeff whatever their name is they are my arch nemesis i will bite into their leg and rip off the muscle, same with this person named MOON I WILL. destroy him he scares me by teling me that all of my interests SUCK AND SO DO MY FRIENDS. also this muffin i found on the ground i dont know how it got there but whatever its fine. also, they are MY arch nemisises you cannot say they are yours I AM THE ONLY ONE to destroy them.


the burning passion for the infinity franchise i have because i am loyal.also pretend that the fire is YOUR passion as well to the franchise becuase if youre reading this most likely you are a jerseyhead and if youre not BECOME ONE NOW!